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“In my opinion Sophia is the best of the best and I love referring my clients to her because she always helps them reach their goals.”

Nutrition Director and Executive Chef at Passages Malibu

Author of Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads (Rodale 2009) & The Real Food Diet: Lose the Fake Food and Reveal your Inner Skinny Chick (Rodale 2011)

“When I first started training with Sophia I was in decent shape, but she pushed me beyond what I even knew I wanted to accomplish.  I did the 300 workout many times, ran in weight vests, did the Santa Monica stairs 43 times in 1 day, competed in a triathlon, marathons, ½ marathons, and more.  I began living a much healthier lifestyle, less drinking and eating bad, and my life is much more centered and successful now.  She is motivational, and has the stamina of a horse.  She is a entertaining and positive person to be around and I plan on living the rest of my life healthy and with exercise.”

“Sophia Ruiz is truly amazing at her job. Not only has she pushed me to completely satisfying results, she’s done so with great humor and an infectiously positive attitude. My day is always brighter after I’ve spent time with Sophia at the gym.”

“Sophia did as much for my spirit as my body.  Before working with her, I used to say I’d only run if someone was chasing me.  Sophia encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone; thanks to her balance of care and persistence, I now have toned legs, stretched out hamstrings, and stronger lungs.  I highly recommend Sophia Ruiz.”

“Sophia has trained clients of mine and got them strong, feeling great and flexible.  She truly loves her work, and I can see it on the faces of my clients when they come see me.  She is educated, and motivational.”

“Sophia is my therapist/trainer/friend and I am very fortunate to have her in my life.  Without her, I do know where I would be.  She keeps me focused on only positive things in my life when all I want to do is cry and complain.  She keeps me uplifted and sane. I owe her my life.”

“After working with several nutritionists, personal trainers, and experimenting with several meal plans, my weight continued to fluctuate.  I wasn’t satisfied with the way things were going, so I sought out help. I was looking for a trainer who not only understood what I wanted, but a person who would get me excited about working out. I was looking for someone who had a genuine passion for their work and someone who would connect with their clients. When I came to Sophia Ruiz I had no idea where to begin, but after the first couple sessions I knew that this trainer would help me achieve my goal. I train with Sophia Ruiz because she is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with.

She trains me physically, but more importantly she trains me mentally.  She was able to tailor my workouts so that I don’t get bored, and still manage to do things I don’t necessarily enjoy. She has pushed my limits by making me perform exercises I never thought I could do.  She has an upbeat personality and a positive attitude. Sophia is always mixing up my workouts to ensure that I meet my goal, whether it’s indoor or outdoor she makes each session interesting and fun. She has made my goal, her goal. She tracks my progress regularly by measuring me and weighing me. She also constantly provides me with fitness and nutrition tips. Sophia is very knowledgeable, driven, honest, energetic, and passionate

I have lost approximately 30 lbs and gone down several sizes as a result of training with Sophia.  I am physically stronger, and mentally focused. I have never felt stronger or healthier! Sophia Ruiz is an amazing trainer and a wonderful human being!”

“Sophia has helped me find the motivation to sculpt and transform my body. She is so caring, patient, knowledgeable, innovative and always has a smile on her face.  Sophia has been training me for over a year and a half regularly and the difference before and after is very noticeable.  My friends have been commenting on my toned arms, and I owe it all to my trainer.

My day is always better after Sophia kicks my butt and helps give me the physical strength I need to feel confident!”

“I’m 76 years old and I never thought I would be kickboxing.  Sophia took it slow with me and build up my strength despite my many injuries.  I am a cancer survivor, and upon meeting Sophia I was walking with a cane.  I am happy to say I no longer use the cane, as my posture has improved.  My doctor is impressed with my muscle gain.  I owe all my appreciation to Sophia because she saw no limits.  She sees people’s hearts and is very intelligent in her training for each person.  She isn’t going to make everyone kickbox or run marathons, but she will make you try something you never tried before when she knows you are ready for it.  In all my years I never thought kicking something would feel so therapeutic.  I now love lifting weights and my husband thinks I’ve developed a new positive attitude.  He even came and watched my workout one day and was impressed.  I love Sophia and all her amazing feelings toward people.”

“Sophia is an awesome trainer! She personalizes each training session to help you get into the best shape of your life. Your body will always be guessing what’s coming next.   Her positive spirit and sincere passion for training makes working out with Sophia a joyful experience.”

“So I started out weighing 303 lbs with a passionate hate for working out. My first day working out with Sophia I was so out of shape I almost passed out while not doing much, but her charisma, energy, and genuine personality made me come back the next day. I’ve lost over 30 lbs in just a few months while gaining strength, stamina, and energy. I am now addicted to working out, and look forward to every session with Sophia.”

“Sophia is great! She listened to what my goals were and worked with me to help me reach them. I felt that she listened to my feedback and adjusted my work outs accordingly. I went in with an idea of how i wanted to look  in 6 months and I felt I achieved my goal with the help of Sophia. She is a great motivator and kicks your butt. She will definitely get you the results you want as long as you are committed!”

I used to spend my nights and weekends sucking down Mountain Dews, Monsters, and having meals at 7-11.  Nights and weekends were also spent playing video games. Within two years I was a few pounds away from the big 200.  I wanted to work out and be more sociable, but I know now that I was just using food to feed my own negative self-image of myself. Heading on a downward spiral where I would eat to food to feel good but I would just get fatter which made me more depressed.

So I decided to start working out, easy, huh? Not really! Running a few miles today became tomorrow, then on the weekend then, in a few weeks. I would try to eat healthy but eating one meal a day and I would run every now and then but I was just setting myself up for a disaster.

I realized that to lose the weight I gained, I needed some professional help. With taking classes at UCLA I was looking for someone close to campus but I was willing to travel around Santa Monica, Brentwood area.

I did a Google search and found Sophia. Upon first meeting her I was very intimidated by her enthusiastic energy that she gave out. I made a commitment that I would follow any of all of Sophia directions to a T.  She helped me realized that my diet was making me depressed, and giving me anxiety attacks. The workouts were hard at first but I never gave up. I never worried about the number on the scale but on how my clothes fit. Within two weeks my clothes were noticeably looser. Within a month I started to see some definition in my body.  After 90 days I lost 44lbs, gained confidence (which I never had), felt happier, and loved the way I looked.

Thank you Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I remember meeting Sophia by the stairs of the place, where me and her worked for 4 years prior,  that magical day was the first time I met her. At the time, I was 230 pounds, so uncomfortable in my skin, and was ready to break free from the cage of fat that had built around me, and had  trapped me for a while. I asked her, ‘Are you a trainer??’ She said, ‘Yes.’  I said,  ’I’m ready to get this weight  off of me,  Can you help me??’ She said, ‘Absolutely.’  I said, ‘When should we start?’ She said, ‘How about now?’ The rest is a story of inspiration, wisdom, courage, love and dedication that was transferred to me by Sophia to not be afraid!!! Not only to become brave to have a healthy body, but to have a healthy head on my  shoulders. Sophia, thank you for not giving up on me when, I think at times, I did.  Thank you for being my trainer, my keeper and my inspiration!!!”

“Never in my life have I ever felt so happy, strong, confident, and motivated in my life.  I had no idea when I called Sophia that she would be the key to my unimaginable (to me) success.  She has helped me to see what’s possible…and helped me to understand that I can be the person I’ve always wanted to be.  When you hire Sophia, you get so much more than a trainer.  She is your teammate, your life coach and motivator.  She believes in you without any questions and pushes you safely beyond your limits.  My life is forever changed thanks to Sophia and it took one call to get the ball rolling.  When she came through my door for our first session with her positivity glowing and her smile beaming, I knew I was in for a good time.  We laugh, we work hard, and as my body is shrinking, my confidence is building!  I feel better than I ever have before – I’m healthy, my mind is clear, and I’m truly enjoying a much higher quality of life.  If you’re looking for someone to guide you to your goals – Sophia is the one who’ll get you there!  She has enriched my life so much – and she’ll definitely enrich yours!”

“Where do I even begin?!?! I don’t know if words are good enough to explain how motivating, knowledgeable and inspiring Sophia is. She has been mentoring me and put me on an amazing eating plan and a work out that has truly changed my life. Every time I am tired or having a weak moment, Sophia is there (via text at times) to pick me up, encourage me and remind me of my goal. I have never met someone that leads so much by example. Her personal weight loss and fitness are reason enough to STRONGLY recommend her, rather INSIST other people use Sophia!! Be warned however, only go to Sophia if you are ready to see results!!”

“Sophia is fantastic. She helped me focus on diet and toning in preparation for my wedding, and the results were great. She is extremely professional, always on time, and proactive about confirming appointments. She worked with me to find time for our sessions even though we both have busy schedules. She is also very knowledgeable, and understood exactly how to target my trouble spots to get the results I wanted. She pushed me hard, but she also made it fun. I had planned to just use a trainer before the wedding, but now I don’t know if I can give her up!”

“I was training with Sophia when I was living in LA and my body has never been the same! She worked with exactly what I was looking for custom for me. I have worked with other trainers that all say the same thing almost putting you in a category and Sophia does not do that which is why I cannot find anyone like her in the Bay Area. I unfortunately had to move up North for a job but am consulting with her via email and phone to keep up what I need to to maintain what I have gotten with her. Sophia is amazing and I would suggest anyone and everyone, regardless of your weight loss goals to work with her! I mean look at her body. That is inspiring in itself!”

“As a celebrity, I have worked with so many trainers I can’t even count them.  Sophia is one of a kind, knowledgeable, energetic and got me results.  When I first met her I thought, ‘There’s no way a girl is going to kick my butt into shape.’  I’m not ever wrong, except for this one time.  I dripped sweat in just a few minutes of our first encounter.  She takes me to the Santa Monica stairs, extreme bike riding, kickboxing, kettle bell torture on the beach and much more. I thank her everyday that I feel great. Thank You, Sophia Ruiz, for making me hate when I hear my alarm clock go off.”

I found Sophia through Yelp, so big thanks to fellow Yelpers for steering me in the exact right direction. I was at my wit’s end when it came to both exercise and daily lifestyle and mentality. As a recent transplant to L.A., I had found that the active life I was expecting to have was in actuality replaced with extended hours of work, longer commutes, and an always tired body and mind that made me just want to curl up on my couch and each chocolates while watching TV at the end of a long day. I didn’t know how to get out of this rut and didn’t think I had time to do anything about it, but I decided to try.

I reached out to Sophia via email and knew I had made the right choice. She was quick to respond, reasonably priced, located in a great area, and seemed enthusiastic and professional. She offered a free trial session and I accepted.

Sophia trains in a gym called Elio’s Fitness for Success at Wilshire & S. Centinela. (This should be another review but here are the basics: Free parking. Small but has everything you need. It’s the exact right environment to train in because it’s not full of gym rats but rather ordinary people seeking to be in better shape. It has a a low-key vibe that makes it un-intimidating to work out in).

From the first session, I knew I had struck gold. Sophia listened and responded to my needs, creating a boredom-free hourlong session that had me huffing and puffing and sore in all the right places. She was fun, friendly, encouraging, and although she has an amazing body, she makes you feel as if hard work and dedication can get you to an incredible body yourself. (Her: “Who’s your celeb body ideal?”   Me: “Uh, I don’t know….” “Her: “Hm, I think Jennifer Aniston for you.”  Me: “Ha! Seems impossible, but sure, sign me up!!”)

It’s been a couple of months now and after training regularly when my schedule allows, I feel leaps and bounds better emotionally and physically. I remember writing that first check for prepaid sessions and gulping at the cost. I would write it again in a heartbeat because Sophia has been worth every single penny and more. About three times a week, I meet with her for weight training, kickboxing, ab workouts, a little treadmill, etc. It’s different every time, always a challenge but somehow I make it through. I throw tantrums sometimes because it seems like she is asking the impossible. But Sophia is magical – somehow she knows what I can and cannot do, and there are times I force myself to listen to her to just “try” and all of a sudden something that I never thought possible is happening and I am pushing a strong weight, or doing 20 pushups. (It was tough for me to do ONE pushup beforehand!) She takes the last 5 or 10 minutes of each session to roll you out and stretch you to prevent injuries.

I have never been an athlete or in organized sports so this experience has been a true life changer for me. I feel much better about myself and find that working out with her has made my life in L.A. much easier. Beside her boundless energy and encouragement, Sophia works with my sporadic schedule and doesn’t mind scheduling sessions last minute, which is awesome.

Sophia also got two nearly impossible things to happen – she convinced me to drag my boyfriend in with the lure of a free session. Now, my boyfriend is a former college athlete who has since let the spare tire grow due to stress and work demands as well. He did NOT want a trainer, and was saying things like “I’m sure she’s great for you, but it’s just not my thing. I know what to do, and I like to workout alone.” Somehow we got him in, and after an hour with Sophia, he was exhausted and yet challenged. He started working out with me (yes, she trains us together), and it has been awesome for both of us. Although he’s much bigger than me, she tailors each workout to our individual needs. He has lost about thirty pounds and gained a great deal of muscle.

The other feat is that she convinced me to give up chocolate/sugar on the days she trains me (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This is from a dessert addict – I used to eat chocolate every single day. I did not think I could ever give this up & I think the sugar-free days have really helped with my waistline as well as with my mentality.

Sophia is there for you as much or as little as you need – you can email her your food choices every day, or just show up and work your butt off without disclosing the pasta dinner you had the night before. I could never in a million years work out for an hour by myself at the level she keeps me going – I would just quit halfway through or workout half-heartedly, so having Sophia there to keep me moving and challenge me is the difference between stagnancy and real physical change.

In short, if you are at all thinking about making a lifestyle change, call Sophia. She is the difference between feeling crappy and going through life with a renewed sense of energy and self-worth.

“I’ve worked out with at least a dozen trainers over the last 10 years and can say with confidence that Sophia is one of the best, really!  I have a lot of old injuries but Sophia knew exactly how to work around them without dumbing-down the work out.  She knew how hard to push me to get results, and how to keep the training interesting and motivating…that’s something not many trainers know how to do.  In addition to her training and nutritional expertise, she exudes a positive energy that is absolutely contagious, so, whether your looking to get in shape or you’re an old pro who has hit a plateau in your work outs & need some extra motivation, CALL SOPHIA! She’s not only a fantastic trainer, but she’s a kind and caring person too. What more could you ask for?”

“I found Sophia through Yelp and within 3 weeks or maybe less, I lost 6 pounds.  I’m not done yet but she is truly amazing.  I had lost 10 pounds on my own about 8 months ago and then I plateau’d  .  I could not get past the 136 pounds for 3-4 months.  It was so frustrating….I was working out 3-4 times a week but could not lose any more weight.  Once I started with Sophia she help me break the plateau and I lost an additional 5-6 pounds.  She’s also really funny and silly but in a great way.  She’s just someone that’s enjoyable to be around with. Also, I  love what a great mom she is as well and I really look up to her as a person.   She is not only a trainer but she’s a nutritionist and helps you get on track and get healthy.  Sophia will always be my go to person when I need a trainer.  She will be around now, when I get pregnant one day, and afterwards as well.  Thanks Sophia”

“AMAZING!  That’s all I can say.  I have had my share of personal trainers (I’m a former athlete nearing middle age – so trust me, I’ve had my share).  She is beyond the best. After having my first child, the weight loss experience and muscle development provided by Sophia was unparalleled.  I’m also a trial lawyer, so appearance is important.   Trust me, not being able to fit into your expensive suits post-pregnancy is beyond depressing.  Guess what?  She got me back, in record time, and is making me look even better than I did before I was pregnant. She’ll work with your budget, your experience, and create meal plans and exercise regimens tailored to you so you can get the guarantee she promises.  If you can commit – she’ll get you where you want to be, whether you like it or not!”

“Wow! Sophia is the best ever! I have always been the type to work out on my own but I was at a total stand still and I wasn’t seeing any changes in my body. Finally after a friend was bragging to me about how many inches she lost and the amazing changes in her body, I set up a session with Sophia. She is so awesome! So down to earth and encouraging. She never makes you feel bad about anything and I always feel like I pushed myself without getting annoyed with some trainer yelling or saying annoying things to get me  to feel like I survived some torturous boot camp. She says some clients like different things to get motivated so I’m sure she tailors her workouts and motivating techniques to each person. (She trains all ages, teens to senior age! I’m sure its unique for each of us).  Either way, she’s the absolute best and the proof is in the results!”

“Sophia is in a word – amazing.  She whips you into shape, but with a smile and a winning attitude.  Her sessions are tough but by the end you feel incredible and you can’t believe an hour has passed by so quickly.  Sophia is one of the best trainers I have ever had over the years.  I feel strong and sexy and I owe it all to Sophia!”

“Sophia is simply the best. Training with her has been a life changing experience and has gotten me into the best shape of my life.  In addition to her extensive knowledge of nutrition and fitness she has an unmatched positive attitude, sense of humor and compassion for her clients. I couldn’t recommend Sophia and her incredible services more highly.”

“Sophia is a first rate trainer and a first class person plus her experience as an  athlete and coach establishes her credibility as a professional. I love her positive attitude and eagerly anticipate every session because I  feel stronger and more fit after every session.”

“I have been working with a personal trainer for eight years, and I have found that Sophia is truly the most dedicated, challenging, and motivated trainer of all.  Sophia exceeded my all expectations and helped me get into the shape that I needed. I never once complained when I came in because I look forward to working out with Sophia. Yes, some of the tasks are challenging, but you feel accomplished and proud at the end of the sessions. After working with Sophia for a few short weeks, I had lost a significant amount of weight and inches throughout my body. Never in my life was a trainer able to help me receive results that quickly.

The thing about Sophia that makes her stand out from most trainers is her dedication–she will NEVER give up on you. I desperately wanted to lose weight, and she encouraged me every day that I could do it. She ran with me on the treadmill and cut back on carbs. When I went away to school, she continued to send me strength training programs and checked up on me to make sure I was on top of my plan. I promise you, you will NOT regret working with Sophia. She isn’t only a trainer, but a role model. She inspires you to be healthy, and encourages you to reach your goals. She is beautiful inside and out, has a great and fun personality, and is the greatest trainer and friend a client could ask for. “

“Sophia Ruiz is an amazingly motivating trainer who reawakened my joy of exercising. I was in a slump before meeting Sophia and exercising was more of a chore and I wasn’t giving my 100%. She greeted me at the start of all my training sessions with a huge smile, enthusiasm and a positive attitude that inspired me to work hard! Sophia mixes the workout up and moves quickly so the time flies by and you feel great afterward! Sophia gave me the confidence to go above and beyond what I thought I could do with all the different workouts including weights and endurance. Sophia is tough but fun and you will see results! Since working out with Sophia I see results that I had thought were unattainable but now realize with hard work are in fact possible. I now feel healthy, toned and strong and am dedicated to keeping it that way! Sophia is also very knowledgeable in regards to nutrition & health and provided great meal plans and tips for me to follow. I 100% recommend Sophia Ruiz and I will definitely be a repeat client.”

“Meeting Sophia has truly changed my life. I have never met a trainer as supportive, encouraging and caring. She kicks my butt and pushes me to do more when I think I can’t anymore. Whether I’m at the gym, at my desk or at home, she is always sending words of wisdom. Sophia is truly an inspiration and I am so grateful to have her in my life.”


“Sophia is hands down the best personal trainer I have ever had. She is hands down the most motivating and caring person I know. She is what every trainer should strive to be. She is NOT your going thru the motions trainer where they are always looking at their watch and not paying attention to you. Not only does she pay attention but she has a way of getting you thru a intense workout feeling like you are Rocky!!!! With Sophia I have lost over 100lbs and could not done it with out her!! Her dedication to me weather it is our sessions together or her texting me thru out the day making sure I an eating good or coming up with a new recipe for me at midnight is priceless!!! People Magazine here I come !!!!!!!!!”

“Sophia has the experience, much knowledge, and a huge passion to whip you into shape!!! So I dare you to take the Sophia challenge, you won’t be disappointed!”


“I absolutely love Sophia!  She is an amazing personal trainer!

Every single workout she kicks my butt!  I love how each session we do something different.  She really knows how to maximize your training.  I have had other trainers where I didn’t see results, not the case with Sophia!  I have so far gone from a size 12 to a 6 and my metabolism is so strong now!  I feel like I can eat anything without worrying (not that I do, Sophia).

Sophia has expanded the possibilities of what I think is possible.  2 months into training I was already at what before was my dream shape.  Now I am not satisfied and know I can do better than that.  I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Sophia and its all happened while I have been super busy in grad school, still working, and getting divorced.  I get so many comments from friends and co-workers about how amazing I look.  Not to mention, now I have guys constantly checking me out and asking me on dates.

Thank you Sophia!!! I love you.”


“Sophia is encouraging, motivating, yet tough when she needs to be.  I’ve never worked consistently with a trainer and I am thrilled to have found such an amazing person to help me reach my health and weight-loss goals.  She is the best!”


“Sophia has literally changed my life. I am 26 year old workaholic who has tried for years to balance my work and physical/exercise life. Exercise has always taken a back seat for me. I travel on business, work late and have a hard enough time fitting in room for my personal life. I’ve had a gym membership for years, but couldn’t stand going, never knew what to do with weights, barely saw results and was too exhausted to go after work. I needed a change and someone to who could really help, motivate and somewhat monitor my lifestyle.

Sophia is incredible and everything i needed AND more!!! I NEVER thought i would be that person to wake up early and work out (I used to say that the people who do that were crazy) but i literally look forward to it. Sophia picks new places to go all over Santa Monica texts me where to meet her and always has different workouts prepped. Whether I am meeting her at the Santa Monica stairs, kickboxing on the beach, Monkey bars at Clover Park, or hill work at the Brentwood golf course-she is constantly changing it up. Once in a while we will work out at her private gym to get some weights in, and i have actually started to not despise the gym that much anymore.

Sophia also has an AMAZING Body Shock Bootcamp (only $20 per class) that I now go to. The workouts are hard, but she makes them really fun! Just an example of how much effort Sophia puts into her classes, for the week of Easter-Sophia placed Easter eggs all of the baseball field/pathway at Clover Park. She ran ahead of the group blasting fantastic workout music while we spotted/found and opened the eggs along the way. Each egg was filled out with a specific and different workout (there were about 15 eggs) such as sprints/push ups, star burst jumps, lunges etc. that the entire group needs to do.

I have been with Sophia for three months and I can honestly say I have never felt better! I lost 23 inches, toned my entire body and am now running a 7:18 mile (haven’t ran that fast since high school). I have so much energy and just feel like I finally have control of my life. I think it is really important to actually like your trainer but I LOVE her! She texts me daily encouraging me, always available if you need her input on a food option, will give you work out routines/courses to run on your own, ALWAYS available. I feel so lucky to have found Sophia and don’t think I can imagine my life without her. My health is a priority now and she is worth every penny! My quality of life is better because I am so active and she is the reason.”


“At a time when I really needed help in committing to a healthier lifestyle and getting physically fit, Sophia was a godsend.  Before I reached out to Sophia, I was overweight, had little to no stamina, and lacked motivation to get off the couch and into a gym.  But I knew I had to change if I wanted a better quality of life.  I had worked with some trainers before and I always felt that they wanted to be somewhere else or trained in a “one size fits all” manner.  Unlike those trainers, Sophia really listened to what my physical goals were (to increase my strength and stamina), what my physical limitations were (bad knees and weak back), and designed workout routines uniquely tailored to my specific needs.  Moreover, she checked up on me a few times a week to see if I was following a healthy diet and the exercise routine she designed for me.  When I did not follow my exercise routine or diet, she would give me the encouragement I needed to get back on track.  It is the encouragement and focus on the mental as well as the physical that sets Sophia apart from the rest. After 6 months of training with Sophia, I lost almost 20 pounds, I feel stronger and have a lot more stamina to keep up with my 5-year old niece!”


“Sophia is amazing! If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer, I highly recommend her. I am getting married in July and was looking for a way to look my best on my big day. I’ve never had a personal trainer before but after reading her reviews on Yelp, I decided to try it out.

At first, I was a little hesitant about the cost of personal training but I am so glad that I did it…it’s been worth every penny. In my first two weeks, I lost 6 lbs and 3% body fat!! I’ve now been working with Sophia for a 1.5 months and I’ve already lost at least an inch in every area of my body (waist, hips, thighs, calves, arms, chest/back)! I was never able to get these changes to my body on my own – I was doing spin classes, bar method, yoga but never saw the results that I am seeing working with Sophia. I was also shocked at how fast I saw the results.

I’ve been doing a combination of her BodyShox Bootcamp and 1-on-1 sessions. I love that every workout is a surprise and I never get bored. I leave every workout feeling challenged and energized! She really knows how to get results and pushes me to perform exercises that I thought I could never do. She is also extremely professional (always on time), fun, caring and motivating. Her upbeat and positive attitude is infectious and great to be around.

Not only are her workouts amazing, she also does a great job at tracking my progress. She weighs, measures and times my mile run to keep me on track. It’s great to see my results in a chart. She also provides me with nutrition/diet advice and constantly checks in to make sure that I am eating well. She’s also provided me with workouts to do when I travel for work or for areas that I really want to target.

I can’t wait to feel and look my best at my wedding! I’ll have Sophia to thank for that!

So, what are you waiting for…contact her and start getting results!!!”


“I came to Sophia with the goals to lose weight, get healthier and all-around look and feel better. After several months of working out about three times per week with Sophia, I’m definitely on the road to reaching my goals. As of today, I have a lot of energy all of the time, I am getting comments from others that I look more fit, I can actually flex my biceps and see them, and I am down about 20 pounds.

To those who are thinking about whether to engage Sophia as your trainer/coach: what I can say is that if your schedule and finances allow you to train with her several times per week, you will begin to see results quickly. (I know training can be expensive, but I feel that I am investing in my current and future health, and with my increased energy and enthusiasm from working out, I am spending less money on junk that I don’t need). Sophia will encourage you about your nutrition and fitness on your days off from training with her (and she always seems to reply to my texts and phone calls extremely quickly) and she will keep your workouts varied in order to keep your body guessing and challenged. I love that we mix up our workouts between indoors (at a very nice gym facility in West LA) and outdoors (in Santa Monica, usually at a park near the beach or at some very steep outdoor stairs that I love to hate).

I still have a long way to go, but I know that if I stay committed to fitness and to keeping up my training schedule with Sophia, it will be possible to reach all of my goals.”

“I love how attentive Sophia is throughout every set and every rep in the workout. I’ve seen trainers tell their clients to do a certain number of reps then they zone out and don’t even pay attention. Sophia would encourage me throughout each set to keep going, pay close attention to my form, and spot me when necessary. I like how she pushes me to use heavier weights than I ever would attempt on my own. She is ALWAYS energetic, upbeat and motivating and if she was ever in a bad mood she would not let it show.  Her energy made me more motivated to workout hard.  I really like how her workouts are a good mix of weight training and cardio.  Even though I felt like I was going to die throughout the workout I felt so good when I was done and was happy she challenged me and pushed me hard =).  She was always on time and professional and I appreciated that.  I like how she sends me workouts on my off days, sends me meal plans, and texts me frequently to see how I’m doing.  She is a are a great trainer. “

“I feel it’s my duty to tell everyone how GREAT Sophia is! If you’re ready to see results, then you HAVE to call her!

I’ve been pretty active for most of my life. I was a competitive swimmer back in the day. These days “I keep active by going to the gym, dance classes, swimming, and if I can force myself I’ll try to go jogging [I’m just not the jogging/running type]. Though I’ve always been petite, I have NEVER been satisfied with the tone of my body. Losing the 5-10 pounds and inches was not a problem for me. It was developing the muscle definition and leaning out that I could never achieve. Even though I was at a good healthy weight, I didn’t have the confidence to wear a tank top (because my upper arms looked flabby) or wear a bikini (because I just looked like I had loose skin everywhere). Not sure if it will help, but just for reference I’m 5’3” and usually weigh within the range of 108-112lbs [highest weight I was ever was around 130 and lowest 105lbs].

Well this all changed for me 4 weeks ago when I met Sophia! She is very sweet and preppy even at 6:30am! Extremely professional as she is always on time. She genuinely cares for all her clients as she wants to get you the results you want. She is easily reachable by phone/text/email and usually will reply back to you within the next hour (so far with me, it’s almost instantaneously). Sophia will text/email you from time to time to check up on you to see how you are doing on the diet plans and/or workouts she creates for you. I only train one-on-one with her once a week so I ask if she could email me workouts I could do on my own. I’ve also veered off the path on her diet plans, but I never feel guilty because Sophia NEVER puts you down for it. She’s very understanding! I DEFINITELY am seeing a change in my body composition! And I think this is the best I’ve looked in my life!

If the cost of one-on-one training is a bit too steep, it’s okay because she has her Bodyshox Bootcamp 2 times a week and it’s very affordable! Only $20 per session! Her bootcamp workouts are just as intense as my one-on-one trainings. I love how she always comes up with new workouts to challenge the body and to not make things stagnant — I mean it wouldn’t be fun if the workouts were exactly the same all the time!

I never dread going to my workouts with Sophia because I know she will maximize my training within that hour I have with her.

So if you want an AMAZING trainer who actually cares for you and wants to help you reach your goals, then contact Sophia now!”

“Honestly, Sophia is the best!! Sophia gave me my body back. I came to her with years of injury after racing, no current routine, and never having strength trained. Sophia really took my health/injury history and nutrition into account and created a 3 month plan that resulted in a 7min mile and no relapse in injury (which hasn’t happened in 2 years).

Sophia is more than a trainer, she is an incredible human being with a huge heart and a lot of knowledge to offer. This is rare combination  to find- and to find it in your trainer is a huge bonus! She offers support via email, text, and phone as well as in the gym and it proved to be invaluable.

I can not recommend Sophia enough. The money I spent on training with Sophia has been the best investment I have made in years- her time is invaluable.

Whether it’s her bootcamp, personal training, or specific event training.. Just do it!”


“Where do I begin. It’s obvious from reading every single previous feedback, that Sophia Ruiz is an amazing person, a true friend, and the most incredible trainer you could ever hope to meet.

I’ve always been in great shape. In a previous life, I was a military guy, and I served in special operations all over the world. Physical fitness was as important a daily routine as shooting, special tactics, a clear head, and sound judgment. Everyone around you depended on you to be able to carry your own weight, and sometimes, theirs too.  Now, as an FBI agent, physical fitness is just as much a part of my life as ever. I can honestly say, that in the span of my life, I have NEVER been in as good of shape as I am now. And that, is thanks to Sophia. Although I maintained a high physical fitness regimen, I plateaued out a few years ago. Or so I thought. I never could seem to kick it into the next gear, target my “problem areas,” or get the results I always wanted. Apparently, Sophia had thoughts to the contrary. In just two short months, she cut 3.5% body fat, bringing me down to 14% (my calculator says that means I started at 17%). I am healthier, happier, and look better than I EVER have before.  Not only is she the world’s best trainer, she’s a true friend. She constantly checks up on you, not just with motivating tips and encouragement, but truly cares about your day to day happiness and well being. Her words of encouragement such as,” you killed that workout today,” and ‘”you’re looking so different that you did two weeks ago,” just make you push yourself that much harder. My entire workout routine has changed because of her. And that’s hard to do after 10+ years in SOF.

I truly feel blessed to call her a friend. She is everything everyone makes her out to be…not blowing smoke here.  One last final comment…no matter what your physical fitness is like, no matter what your body shape, no matter how long it’s been since you worked out, no matter what your age, give Sophia a try. She’ll change your life. I’ve seen all manner of clients, all ages, all shapes and sizes, and she tailors her routines to meet all our needs. Don’t be scared off by all of the people,on here who started off in great shape and have nothing but great things to say about Sophia. The truth is, we all started somewhere, just like you, and Sophia got us where we wanted to be. She’ll do the same for you. I give you my word.

Thanks, Sophia. You’re the best.”

“Sophia has been an amazing influence on my health, physical fitness and emotional well being. After not working out for over two years due to an injury, I had lost most of my muscle strength, coordination and confidence. The moment I met Sophia (outside of a “workout” environment), she immediately turned my self esteem on and offered to help get me back to a comfortable physical fitness whenever I was ready. Since being trained by Sophia, I have found that I become stronger, grown in my physical fitness abilities, and am on my way back to the person I was two years ago! What I like best is the fact that her workouts are dynamic and never boring, and I am always encouraged when I see my own improvement throughout the course of her workouts. While Sophia is completely professional, her sense of humor and friendliness keep me coming back…but most importantly, Sophia makes me feel comfortable, which was the first quality I sought in a personal trainer!”

“Watch out for Sophia…she is sneaky! You’ll spend your workout laughing and joking around just like you’re hanging out with your girlfriends, but in reality she is kicking your butt like its never been kicked before! You WILL wake up the next morning sore to the core yet hungry for more! This is an incredibly special talent that Sophia possesses.

I have been working out with her one-on-one in the gym since March and she has coached me into achieving amazing changes in my physique. I’ve never felt stronger, fitter, or faster in my entire life!  I’ve always been somewhat athletic but she has taken me to a whole new athletic plane I never in a million years thought I could achieve! We lift heavy weights, circuit train, and do HIIT sprints and hill climbs mostly. Now I don’t think I’ll ever love burpees, but Sophia has gotten me WAY hooked on lifting heavy weights! Its so fun and empowering to know that you are building muscle and can eat good food without worrying about gaining weight ever! Listen ladies: no need for marathon cardio sessions and calorie counting anymore, just lift heavy! Trust me, you won’t get bulky, just beautiful…hallelujah! Sounds silly, but that has been a revelation for me and I thank Sophia for that!

Sophia has helped me set goals for myself and she takes achieving them seriously.  With her help, I entered a six week body transformation contest whereas my body changed SO much, some of the other contestants accused me of cheating because they didn’t believe someone could achieve the results I did in six weeks time! Yep, she’s that good!

Sophia has pushed me harder than I would ever push myself and she does it all without ever barking orders or being militant. She is a pleasure to be around and will have you laughing through your last reps when you’d think you want to just cry and before you know it, the hour has flown by. She is very intuitive and knows when to push you hard and when to ease up. She’s constantly switching up every session and somehow remembers what exercises you did two days ago or even last week! She goes above and beyond, often texting throughout the day checking up on my diet, cardio, or just offering extra motivation and encouragement. Sophia truly cares for her clients and it shows. She’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and modifying exercises for injuries. She is always on time and works very hard at her job and on her own fitness, always practicing what she preaches and she herself is a lifelong dedicated athlete. She can hang with the best of them, and can even give the male trainers at the gym a run for their money. She is a down-to-earth, energetic, friendly, easy-going, goal-oriented, hard-working single momma with a huge, kind heart. She is a beautiful person on both the inside and the outside. I can’t say enough good things about Sophia, I’m so glad I found her! She’s changed my life and I am so very grateful!!”


“I’ve been training with Sophia for about seven months now and she is truly amazing!!

I had binge eating issues in the past and really wanted to shed the extra pounds from the damage I’ve done. I’ve tried everything from fad diets to endless amounts of cardio but wasn’t seeing results. Although I was eating a lot less and exercising more, I was still gaining the weight back easily after I ate normal again. I was getting frustrated :(.

However, within the first four months into training with Sophia and incorporating a nutritious diet, I went down from 22.8% body fat to 18% and had lost inches on just about every part of my body. In addition, I finally got my metabolism to pick up again! Besides gaining muscle tone, the only other thing I’ve gained since is a bum. FYI I’m asian so being born with a big bum is a true rarity for our kind! Hahaha. Just saying. Those squats and lunges she makes you do really pay off!! 😉

As a trainer, Sophia incorporates a variety of exercises from plyometrics/strength training to weight training and cardio. What I like is that she always keeps me guessing each workout since each time, she’ll change up the routine, which is good to prevent from plateauing in my opinion. She also keeps track of your progress and keeps you in check every now and then through text message. She really cares that you reach your goals! Just a fair warning though, her workouts are crazy intense! I’m almost always shedding tears during my workout sessions with her haha. Despite the pain and tears though (all worth it in the end of course 😉 ), I finish the workout session feeling uplifted. Her bubbly spirit and sweet personality will rub off on you!

If you really want to see results, Sophia’s the trainer to call. She’s a true badass! I highly recommend her!”


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sophia for the past 2 months. I’ve always been small, but not in shape. I was “skinny fat”, which means that I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, but had a flabby belly and really no shape to my body at all. I remember one time in high school, my teacher told me I looked malnourished -___-. Haha so working with Sophia, my goal wasn’t to lose weight. It was to become healthy.

I am currently a college student, and I felt like I really had no time for myself. All the stress that came with school was really wearing me out. I remember always feeling tired no matter what, not really having the energy for anything at all. It was really affecting my mental health. I was in a really bad place – physically and emotionally. I knew that I needed a change in my life, so I decided to email Sophia after reading all of her yelp reviews! Haha

All of her workouts usually had me waking up at 6 am and coming in at 7 am…and I know that sounds crazy because yes, I was tired all the time, but working out with her in the mornings before school had me active, alert, and awake throughout the entire day. Suddenly, my life was becoming positive again. Everything, especially school, didn’t stress me out so much anymore – in fact, I was getting better grades in school.

Even though my goal wasn’t to lose weight, people started to notice a change in my face and body. I myself even noticed before getting into the shower one day that my butt had grown and become more rounded, I was so happy that I giggled throughout my shower. I’ve been trying to fight the flat ABD (Asian Booty Disease). Never in my life had I have strong, toned arms, toned legs, and a round butt. I’m so happy.

Sophia really is amazing, and I’m sad that my sessions with her have ended. I’m going to try to save up more money so that I can work with her again right before summer starts. Yes – she’s THAT great 🙂 Oh, and she also sends you meal plans so you can start feeding your body the nutritious foods that it deserves. Thank you for everything, Sophia. (:


Over the years, I have worked out with many trainers.  What singles Sophia out, is that no workout is ever the same.  She constantly mixes it up.  I work hard (very hard at times), but I never get bored. She is constantly pushing me to challenge my body and I have grown stronger in the process.


After an awful up and down first half of year at school , I knew I needed to make a change . I was going through a lot of stress and used food as an emotional outlet. I had gained over 20 pounds and I knew I needed not only a personal trainer but a mentor. I searched for a few days online and Sophia seemed like the best of the best. After questioning whether or not I even wanted to stay at school, Sophia was the best thing that happened to me . She not only kicked my butt but taught me that food doesn’t bring happiness . I lost 15 pounds and gained lost over 9% of body fat. Sophia gave me back my confidence and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend , trainer and inspiration . I’m back home for the summer and all I want to do is go back and train with her . She dealt with all my complaining and kept a positive attitude the whole time. She’s the best of the best . Thank you for everything Sophia ! Already saving up to train again !


At the beginning of the year, determined to lose inches and have a strong, curvy body, I hired a trainer from a popular fitness chain who provided nutritional meal plans along with physical training. At the fourth month, I built some muscle and lost just a few inches throughout my body except my mid section; that part stayed the same! I was about to give up trying to lose weight. I was working way too hard for too little results. I was told to try Sophia Ruiz. I told her about my goals and frustrations. She said the trainer’s workouts and meal plan together were counterproductive. I couldn’t believe I gave this gym hundreds and hundreds of dollars for nothing, not to mention time spent. Sophia gave me a meal plan to optimize fat burning. It had very easy instructions, lots of options, and foods I enjoy eating. After a week of following Sophia’s meal plan and workout instructions, I noticed my tummy shrinking! Oh my gosh! It shrunk! I’m smaller, still strong, and I can see muscle definition on all parts of my body, especially my arms. Finally, I’m not self conscious when my boyfriend wraps his arms around me! I can’t wait to start the next meal plan she has in store for me. Thank you Sophia Ruiz!

  *All clients must be cleared by a Physician before training. *For more reviews, please visit the red Yelp icon at the bottom of the page.