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Sophia’s story:

As a trainer, gaining weight can make or break my business. In 2010, I went 140 lbs. to 240 lbs. during pregnancy. I know, it’s unreal, but it happened. I was exercising 3 hrs. a day because I felt so great during pregnancy but I ate a great amount too. I’ve trained so many people over the years who struggled from weight gain and I knew what to do and how to motivate them, but I had never experienced it first hand. People would say, “You’re not fat, you’re pregnant,” but honestly, a month after giving birth I still had 85 lbs. to lose and reality hit. I was incredibly overweight, exhausted and depressed.

During my pregnancy I went through some very emotional things, like a break-up, and I suffered from post-partum depression as well. I was a single mother, and instead of coming to terms with that, I ate my feelings my entire pregnancy until it finally hit me after my son was born. I had low milk supply, trouble breast-feeding, and my son was colic. I went to a doctor after crying for a month and he said “Sophia you know what to do! Eat healthy and start exercising again.” I was in such a hole, that I started to understand where so many of clients were before they reached out to me. I began the routine with tears in my eyes.

I began to walk more, pick up weights again, and eat healthy. I remember very specifically eating broccoli and crying over the plate. I hated life. I kept it up through the tears and started to feel more energized but still have so much weight to drop. I got more strict and upped my cardio and weight training even more and soon I was shedding those pounds. In less than I year I dropped all the weight and competed in a bikini competition. This saved my life. Had I not been so strict and persistent I would not be the mother I am today. The diet kept me clear headed and capable to care for my son the way I knew I could. To this day I look back and think, “Wow, diet and exercise truly are my life.” My son is now 5 years old, and I have been through so much. I am now happy person.

In 2015, I suffered an ectopic miscarriage. It was an emergency surgery and very scary. Instead of breaking down again, I thought, “How can I help others with my situation?” I have been vocal about my situation to everyone I know because I wanted people to be able to come to me for understanding. No one should feel alone in these situations. I’ve met women who have had miscarriages and was always sad for them, but never truly understood the deep pain it causes. Now I do.

Now in September of 2015, I am pregnant again. I’ve learned so much about pregnancy, prenatal care and what doctors to see that I want to so badly shout all my information from the rooftops. After training so many moms, and being in so many mommy groups I learned what creams to use, what fertility doctor to see, and what doctor to have deliver your next baby. I know the exact exercises to keep a pregnant woman safe, and how to help her bounce back quickly. I know symptoms and have done so much research that I know I can help so many women who have non-stop questions about pregnancy. I’ve designed a meal plan for women thinking about getting pregnant, and those who are pregnant. I have dedicated my training around this, and major transformations. I love this part of my training, even though I train all kinds of cases. This one in particular is near and dear to my heart. I hope my story can help others, and even if you aren’t training with me, feel free to contact me and share your stories too. Xoxo.